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Bad News to President William Ruto After Okiya Omtatah Declares Next Move After CoA Decision on Bill

The Kenya Kwanza government was thrown into celebration after supreme Court gave the finace bill 2023 go ahead. Well time is moving with speed and Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see how things will go down now that there is no one to stand for them.

Well according to Okiya Omtatah night message, “We will not give up until the Finance Act 2023 is entirely quashed by the court because it contains provisions which are parallel to the Constitution.”

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Well according to section of Kenyans, By now you should know that it’s impossible to have the entire act quashed. Maybe you pick the sections you think you can run with and proceed.

I doubt the court will throw away the Act in its entirety. IMO the offensive provisions should be the basis of the litigation, and they are not so many as to make the Act untenable. But William Ruto wi not accept. bc5cf153e93844a19255cc04e36acd83?quality=uhq&resize=720

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