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Van Helsing TV series in the works at CBS, set in modern day New York

A TV series based on Dracula’s enemy Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is in development at CBS, dropping Van Helsing into modern day New York

Van Helsing TV series in the works at CBS, set in modern day New York

CBS has come out the winner in a bidding war to become the home to a new TV series based on Dracula’s legendary foe Dr. Abraham Van Helsing… and no, this project does not (despite the image above) have anything to do with the 2004 Hugh Jackman movie. Or the Van Helsing show that ran on Syfy for five seasons, wrapping up in 2021. Or any previous version of Van Helsing, a character who has been played by the likes of Edward Van Sloan, Peter Cushing, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Brooks, Rutger Hauer, and many others over the decades. This is a fresh take on the character that’s coming our way from Elementary creator Rob Doherty, Carl Beverly, Sarah Timberman and Lionsgate Television.

Deadline reports that this contemporary version of monster hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing uses his uniquely inquisitive mind working alongside his ex, relentless FBI special agent Mina Harker, to solve New York City’s most harrowing cases. So at this point it sounds like your typical CBS procedural show, the lead characters just happen to be Van Helsing and Mina Harker. Here’s hoping New York City’s most harrowing cases will cause them to cross paths with vampires and other monsters every now and then.

Van Helsing is being written by author Jonathan Lee, whose books include The Great Mistake and High Dive – and he’s currently working with Eric Roth to script an adaptation of the latter. Lee is also behind the upcoming drama series Lockerbie, from Netflix and the BBC, and is working with Reservation Dogs’ Sterlin Harjo to create a limited series about a Las Vegas heist for FX. So he is quite busy at the moment.

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Deadline notes that this isn’t the only Van Helsing series in development, as EastSiders creator Kit Williamson is developing a series based on Jason Henderson’s trilogy of Alex Van Helsing novels, which center on a 14-year-old descendent of Abraham Van Helsing. That project is set up at AGC Television. 

What do you think of Van Helsing getting a procedural series on CBS? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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