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The Conjuring 4: Final installment gets 2025 release, plus Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Frankenstein movie gets bumped up

The Conjuring 4, said to be final installment of the series, gets a 2025 release date, plus Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Frankenstein movie bumped up.

Paranormal investigators Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are suiting up to investigate what could be their final case. Warner Bros. has set a September 5, 2025 release date for The Conjuring 4, which is said to be the final installment of the main series.

The untitled Conjuring movie is set to be directed by Michael Chaves, who is no stranger to the franchise. He helmed The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, as well as The Nun II. Chaves also directed The Curse of La Llorona, which is often mistakenly included in the franchise. While the film has several notable connections to The Conjuring Universe (including an Annabelle easter egg and Tony Amendola reprising his role as Father Perez), Chaves confirmed last year that it’s not part of the franchise.

There’s so much debate about it and I think I’ve played coy in the past,” Chaves said. “The idea was that [the Annabelle cameo] was going to be this little hidden thing that you were going to discover as you watch the movie. One of the reasons that it couldn’t formally be a part of the Conjuring universe is it didn’t include one of the key producers, which is Peter Safran. The Conjuring is his baby, him and James, and they are still the two core producers on it.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who penned the screenplay for the third installment, will return to write this final sequel. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are naturally expected to return as Ed and Lorraine Warren, with production looking to start shooting this summer in Atlanta. Plot details are being kept under wraps at this point, but a few ghostly apparitions and demonic possessions are a good bet.

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The studio has also pushed up the release date of The Bride!, the Frankenstein movie directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. The film was previously set to hit theaters on October 3, 2025, but will now be released a week earlier on September 26, 2025. The film “sees a lonely Frankenstein travel to 1930s Chicago to seek the aide of a Dr. Euphronius in creating a companion for himself. The two reinvigorate a murdered young woman and the Bride is born. She is beyond what either of them intended, igniting a combustible romance, the attention of the police and a wild and radical social movement.” Christian Bale stars as Frankenstein’s monster alongside Jessie Buckley as the Bride. Peter Sarsgaard, Annette Bening, Penelope Cruz, Julianne Hough, John Magaro, Jeannie Berlin, and Jake Gyllenhaal will also star in the movie.

Back to The Conjuring; although the fourth movie could be the end of the Warren’s, the franchise will continue. I’m certain there will be more theatrical spin-offs, but there’s also a Conjuring TV series which is still in development for Max.



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