Should Alan Ritchson play Batman in The Brave and the Bold?

Alan Ritchson, Batman, The Brave and the Bold

Fans have called for Reacher star Alan Ritchson to play Batman in The Brave and the Bold and the actor would love to take on the role.

Should Alan Ritchson play Batman in The Brave and the Bold? 1

The Brave and the Bold will introduce the new Dark Knight of the DCU, and fans have some strong opinions on who that should be. One popular choice to take on the role of Batman is none other than Reacher‘s Alan Ritchson, and the actor responded to the interest while speaking on BroBible’s Post Credit Podcast.


The fact that people are interested in me playing Batman is a real honor and privilege,” Ritchson said. “It’s one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child: I still remember the big, long pistol coming out of Joker’s pants as he goes to shoot down the Batplane.

Ritchson continued: “Those iconic moments really resonated with me as a child. For there to even be a conversation or a rumor mill surrounding this role, for me… all I can do is laugh. I just think it’s wild that’s where we are.” When the actor expressed that perhaps he’s too old to play the character now, the hosts reminded him that Batman will have a kid in The Brave and the Bold. “Okay, then, you know… I would love to,” Ritchson said. “I would absolutely love to. It’s one of the coolest characters of all time.

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There have been plenty of rumours swirling regarding The Brave and the Bold, but DC Studios co-chief James Gunn squashed them in December, saying that there wasn’t even a script yet. However, the film does have a director, as The Flash’s Andy Muschietti signed on to helm The Brave and the Bold last year. “It’s a magnificent film (The Flash) — funny, emotional, thrilling — and Andy’s affinity and passion for these characters and this world just resonates through every frame,” read a statement from DC. “So when it came time to find a director for The Brave and the Bold, there was really only one choice. They’re an extraordinary team, and we couldn’t have better or more inspiring partners as we embark on this thrilling new adventure in the DCU.” In addition to Alan Ritchson, Jensen Ackles has also thrown his hat in the ring for the role of Batman.

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Ritchson’s star has risen considerably in recent years thanks to the success of the Reacher series on Prime Video. The third season is currently shooting in Toronto and is based on Persuader, the seventh book in the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child.

Could you see Alan Ritchson playing Batman in The Brave and the Bold?