Jeremy Renner visits hospital that treated him just ahead of anniversary of accident

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner visited the hospital where he was treated following his accident just ahead of the one-year anniversary.

Jeremy Renner has had a trying — and inspirational — year. To cap off 2023, the actor visited the same hospital where he was treated following his New Year’s Day accident which left him with major chest trauma and 30 broken bones. It’s a most fitting way to conclude the year for him, showing not just how much he appreciates his medical professionals but life itself.

Jeremy Renner took to Instagram this week to share the moment and kind words about those that helped him in his recovery. “Rollin through Reno, NV with joy, blessings, and [pizza]!!!! Stopped by to see kids/superheroes, first responders, and doctors, nurses and staff at Renown hospital Paying my respects and celebrating love, life and the blessings it brings to us all. Thank you and this community for keeping me here.. I’m forever in your debt with gratitude”.

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2023 has been a difficult year in the industry. We saw two of the biggest strikes in Hollywood history with both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA launching simultaneous ones, not to mention far too many deaths of icons that we have admired for so long. It’s difficult to think but Jeremy Renner could have been among them, as he was struck and partially crushed by a seven-ton snowcat. But he has proven to be remarkably resilient, something the actor has been characteristically modest about in his numerous social media posts throughout his recovery despite being a hero to many.

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Adding to this, it was recently confirmed by the actor that he would return to filming his series Mayor of Kingstown for the forthcoming third season. During his recovery, Jeremy Renner not only promoted the second season of Mayor of Kingstown — which premiered two weeks after his accident — but launched an entirely new series, Rennervations, for Disney+, the April red carpet premiere of which marked his first public outing since the accident.

With such progress and positive vibes, we can’t help but be happy for Jeremy Renner and hope for an even more productive 2024.

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