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Jeremy Allen White won’t meet with Bruce Springsteen just yet; may try singing in biopic

Jeremy Allen White, who is set to play Bruce Springsteen in an upcoming movie, isn’t quite ready to meet The Boss.

Jeremy Allen White may be gearing up to play Bruce Springsteen but he doesn’t want to meet him tonight in Atlantic City – or anywhere, as the actor says he isn’t quite ready to have a face-to-face with the music legend.

While Jeremy Allen White has season three of The Bear premiering this week, his turn as The Boss is also approaching, as he is set to star as Bruce Springsteen in Deliver Me From Nowhere, about the making of landmark album Nebraska. But White has his own preparations to do before he even considers sitting down with Bruce. “We’ve, like, communicated a little bit through some other, some other people….I hope this still all comes together, we’ve still got a few things, we have some timing stuff to work out, and I’m like trying to have a bit of, I think, my own process with it before meeting the man, too. I wanna try and, yeah, have an understanding, so that when I meet him, you know, I’ll have a bit of confidence somewhere in me to stand there.” White also plans to try to do his own singing.

Based on Warren Zanes’ essential book for any Bruce fan, Deliver Me From Where will track the evolution and making of 1982’s Nebraska, a minimal and intimate follow-up to double album The River. No doubt Jeremy Allen White will give us all a reason to believe that he is a perfect choice to play Bruce Springsteen; and we expect the same from Jeremy Strong, who is in talks to play longtime manager Jon Landau.

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As per the book’s publisher, Nebraska expressed a turmoil that was reflective of the mood of the country, but it was also a symptom of trouble in the artist’s life, the beginnings of a mental breakdown that Springsteen would only talk about openly decades after the album’s release.” 

Scott Cooper, who launched his career with Crazy Heart – in which Jeff Bridges played a fictitious troubled musician – is set to direct.

Are you looking forward to Jeremy Allen White playing Bruce Springsteen? Do you think he should do his own singing? Drop your thoughts below!



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