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Interviews: Kal Penn, Tika Sumpter, and Charles Stone III talk The Underdoggs

The stars and director talk Snoop Dogg’s sense of humor, children swearing, and why we love sports movies.

Everyone loves an underdog story. We love them as much as sports movies and precocious kids. The only other thing we love as much as those is profanity. When you combine those together, you have a tricky project that could be masterful, or it could be a disaster. Luckily, no one can drop an f-bomb quite like Snoop Dogg, and he does that in his latest film, The Underdoggs.

In the great tradition of The Bad News Bears, Little Giants, and Hardball, The Underdoggs stars Snoop as a washed-up former NFL wide receiver who has burned all the bridges in his career. With a chance to redeem himself by coaching a group of pee-wee football players in his hometown of Long Beach, Two Js encounters more than he bargained for, as coaching is much more than just standing around basking in your greatness. Two Js must also deal with all of the kids’ challenges while also trying to woo his former high school girlfriend.

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I got the chance to talk with a few involved with The Underdoggs, including stars Tika Sumpter and Kal Penn and director Charles Stone III. Tika Sumpter talked about how funny Snoop Dogg is and what it was like hearing the kids swear like an adult. Kal Penn talked about whether his character was inspired by a real agent he has met, as well as the hilarious Harold and Kumar joke in the movie. Director Charles Stone III talked about his experience directing sports movies and what set this film apart. Check out the full interviews in the embed above.

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The Underdoggs is now streaming on Prime Video.

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