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Frasier season 2 will feature the return of the delightfully devilish Bebe Glazer

Frasier season 2 will feature the return of Harriet Sansom Harris as the delightfully devilish Bebe Glazer.

One of the greatest characters from Frasier is set to make her triumphant return. Variety reports that Harriet Sansom Harris will reprise her role of Bebe Glazer in Frasier season 2, but she won’t be alone. Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) will be joining her as Phoebe, Bebe’s daughter. Doesn’t that just make your blood run cold?

Harris appeared in 11 episodes of the original Frasier series and frequently stole the show. “Known for her dramatic flair and outrageous Machiavellian maneuvers. Bebe will stop at nothing to get what she wants,” reads the official description. As for her daughter, Phoebe has “inherited her mother’s indomitable charm,” and “boasts a magnetic personality as well as a taste for the finer things.

Bebe Glazer isn’t the only original series character returning for Frasier season 2, as Peri Gilpin, Dan Butler, and Edward Hibbert are all set to reprise their roles. Gilpin played Roz Doyle, Frasier’s producer at KACL. She also appeared in the season 1 finale of the new series. Butler played Bulldog, the sports host at KACL, and Hibbert played Gil Chesterton, the station’s pompous food critic.

In addition to Kelsey Grammer, Frasier stars Jack Cutmore-Scott as Frasier’s son, Freddy; Nicholas Lyndhurst as Frasier’s old college buddy turned university professor, Alan; Toks Olagundoye as Alan’s colleague and head of the university psychology department, Olivia; Jess Salguerio as Freddy’s roommate, Eve; and Anders Keith as Frasier’s nephew, David, son of Niles and Daphne. You can check out a review of Frasier from our own Alex Maidy right here.

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The second season of the Paramount+ series is currently in the middle of production, with a handful of new characters set to appear. Amy Sedaris will play Dr. “Doc” Stathos, “a municipal therapist with a down-home, scattered veneer. She works with the firefighters at Freddy’s firehouse and is also a big fan of Frasier Crane from his old TV talk show.” Yvette Nicole Brown will play Monica, Olivia’s sister, who is described as “part haughty professor, part Nancy Drew, the brilliant, biting, and delightfully deadpan. Monica is Olivia’s perfect older sister. She has everything Olivia has and everything Olivia wants – and never misses a chance to remind her.” Kelsey Grammer’s real-life daughter Greer will play Alice, Roz’s now grown-up daughter, who “has inherited more than some of her mother Roz’s free-spirited ways. Having just moved to Providence to study architecture, Alice is eager to catch up with Frasier’s son Freddy—and complicate whatever romantic plans he may have.” Patricia Heaton is also on board to play Holly, a potential love interest for Frasier.



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