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Zizi Afrique Hiring Consultant: Safeguarding Standards for TVET’s.

Consultant: Safeguarding Standards for TVET’s.

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Zizi Afrique Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving learning outcomes for children and youth furthest behind. Zizi contributes to the nurturing of a generation of children and youth who are well-equipped with the skills for learning, skills for living, and skills for working.

Beginning August 2017, ZAF has been implementing the Whole Youth Development (WYD) program. The program works mainly with selected TVETs and targets youth aged 15 to 25 years and the furthest behind populations including women and persons with disabilities.

In addition to this, WYD is consolidating evidence on what works in ensuring holistic development of youth for increased employability and success in life outcomes and developing and trailing TVET-approaches to achieve this, through collaboration with practitioners.

Advocacy with identified government partners and networks is a key component of the program’s activities.

Zizi Afrique Foundation is seeking to engage a “Consultant: Safeguarding Standards for TVET’s.” to support the program with the following outlined deliverables:

1. Participate in all the SGS-TVET meetings and activities to be convened by TVETA.

2. Document minutes and processes of the meetings and activities.

3. Take note of all inputs being made into the SGS-TVET in all subsequent meetings and sharing with both TVETA and Zizi as need may be.

4. Closely coordinate with TVETA and Zizi to ensure meetings are held and the documentation of the SGS-TVET is subsequently updated until the document is completed or the portion which Zizi had committed to support is completed- whichever comes first.

To read the full job description and apply click here.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications to [email protected] with the subject title ‘Consultant TVET Safeguarding Standards’ to reach not later than May 30, 2023

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