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The Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (MMWCA) Hiring Field Monitoring Team Leader

LDSF was developed as a response to a lack of methods for systematic landscape-level assessment of soil and ecosystem health, using a robust and consistent indicator framework. The LDSF is designed to provide a biophysical baseline at landscape level, and a monitoring and evaluation framework for assessing processes of land degradation and the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures (recovery) over time.

This is of particular importance for understanding land degradation processes, predicting changes in climate, prioritizing sitespecific land management options and tracking the impact of interventions on the ground. Implemented by a range of partners in over 40 countries since 2005, the LDSF provides a
consistent set of indicators and field protocol to assess the health of an ecosystem.

Indicators measured with the LDSF include vegetation cover and structure, tree, shrub and grass species diversity, current and historical land use, soil properties (soil organic carbon stocks for
assessing climate change mitigation potential, total nitrogen, infiltration capacity, texture, etc.) and soil erosion prevalence.

Scope of work:

We require a team leader to lead a team of 4-6 individuals in conducting the field sampling required to inform the LDSF.

Key Skills Required:

  • Ecosystem monitoring experience.
  • Botanical taxonomy and field identification of species.
  • Understanding of land cover classification systems.
  • Experience measuring biomass.
  • Familiarity with soil sampling techniques including cumulative mass, soil surface
    characteristics and infiltration capacity.
  • Ability to use a GPS.
  • High attention to detail and dedication to accurate data collection.
  • Intimate familiarity with navigation in the Maasai Mara conservancies.
  • Prepared to work in a remote environment in close contact with wildlife
  • Existing network of connections with conservancy management teams is desirable.
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Other Requirements:

  • At least 5 years ecosystem monitoring experience (ideally in the Maasai Mara)
  • Masters or higher level qualification specifically in Environmental Science
  • Own vehicle is desired with valid Kenyan license
  • Work permit or legal ability to work in Kenya
  • Availability for fieldwork during the 3 months of engagement
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