Kenya Forest Service Opens Recruitment For 4,000 Unskilled Nursery Attendants

Kenya Forest Service Opens Recruitment For 4,000 Unskilled Nursery Attendants

The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) is a State Corporation established under the Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016. As mandated by law, the KFS is responsible for conserving, developing, and sustainably managing forests and allied resources in Kenya.

Their mission is to ensure environmental stability and promote social-economic development for the people of Kenya. In line with their commitment to increasing the national tree cover, the KFS is leading the implementation of the 15 Billion Special Presidential Programme, which aims to achieve a 30% tree cover by 2032.


Job Opportunity: Nursery Attendants (Unskilled Green Army)

To support the production of seedlings in KFS Tree Nurseries across the country, the KFS is seeking to recruit 4,000 “Green Army” members on temporary contract terms.

The primary responsibility of the Nursery Attendants will be to assist in the propagation and maintenance of seedlings in KFS Tree Nurseries.

This recruitment drive is aligned with the Forest Conservation and Management Act, 2016, as well as the Mwongozo Code of Governance for State Corporations.

Job Details:

a) Job Title: Nursery Attendants (unskilled)

b) Work Stations: 300 KFS Tree Nurseries across the country

c) Terms of Service: Temporary Contract Terms

d) Monthly Wage: KES 8,631- KES 16,401, depending on work stations as categorized and determined by the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act (Cap. 229)

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e) Other Benefits: National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover

f) Employment Duration: One year (2023/2024 FY), renewable depending on satisfactory performance and available budget.

Job Specification:

The Nursery Attendants will work under the supervision of the Nursery Headman and will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Collection and mixing of nursery soil in the recommended ratio.
  2. Filling of polytubes and bags (potting) and germination and “Swaziland” beds with mixed nursery soil.
  3. Sowing of seeds and pricking out of seedlings.
  4. Collection and sowing of wildlings.


To be eligible for the position, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen aged 18 years and above.
  2. Must be a resident of the targeted county, sub-county, and ward.

Advertisement and Recruitment Procedure:

The County Forest Conservators of the KFS will ensure a transparent recruitment process for the “Green Army” in their respective counties.

The recruitment will be conducted as follows:

  1. The advertisement will be prominently displayed in key public areas, including all KFS offices, County, Sub-County and Assistant County Commissioners Offices, County Government Offices, as well as Chiefs Offices in the targeted locations and sub-locations.
  2. Vetting and recruitment of the “Green Army” will take place on-site at each of the targeted KFS Tree Nurseries.
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Interested candidates who meet the requirements are requested to report for recruitment at the specified venues and on the dates mentioned in the schedule below:

How to Apply

Interested candidates who meet the requirements are asked to apply by visiting the URL: or to proceed with the online application latest 22nd July, 2023.

Following successful online registration, the candidates will receive a notification email.

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The Kenya Forest Service is offering an opportunity for 4,000 individuals to contribute to the country’s tree planting efforts by becoming Nursery Attendants

This temporary contract position provides a chance to engage in meaningful work that supports the conservation and sustainable management of forests.

Interested candidates are encouraged to review the requirements and recruitment schedule and participate in the selection process.

By joining the “Green Army,” you will play a vital role in promoting environmental stability and fostering social-economic development in Kenya.

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