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Kenya Defence Forces Opens Recruitment For Servicemen And Women

Kenya Defence Forces Announces Recruitment Of Servicemen and Women

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) takes great pleasure in announcing its nationwide recruitment drive for General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets (Regular and Graduate degree holders), Specialist Officers, General Duty Recruits, Tradesmen/women, and Defence Forces Constables, scheduled to take place in August and September 2023.

As part of our commitment to a fair and transparent recruitment process, we emphasize that the KDF recruitment is entirely FREE TO ALL eligible candidates.

We sternly caution the public against engaging in any malpractices to influence the selection process. If you come across any suspicious activities or individuals, we encourage you to report them promptly to the nearest Police Station or Military Camp, or you may contact our dedicated Hotline numbers: 0726419706/0726419709.

We firmly condemn bribery and corruption, and anyone found involved in such practices will face arrest and prosecution in accordance with the law. Remember, KDF recruitment is absolutely FREE TO ALL, and integrity is at the core of our process.


The following vacancies are available for prospective candidates who wish to join the Kenya Defence Forces:

1. General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets (Regular and Graduate degree holders)

2. Specialist Officers

3. General Duty Recruits

4. Tradesmen/women

5. Defence Forces Constables


To be eligible for consideration, aspiring candidates must meet the following conditions and academic qualifications:

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General Conditions:

1. Must be a Kenyan citizen.

2. Must hold a valid Kenyan National Identity (ID) Card. Additionally, candidates must bring their original National ID Card.

3. Age requirements:

   – Between 18 and 26 years for GSO Cadets and General Duty Recruits.

   – Not above 30 years for Specialist Officers and Tradesmen/women.

   – Not above 39 years for Chaplains/Imams.

4. Must have no criminal record.

5. Must meet the minimum physical requirements:

   – Minimum Height:

     – Men: 1.60m (5ft 3in).

     – Women: 1.52m (5ft).

   – Minimum Weight:

     – Men: 54.55 kg (120 lb).

     – Women: 50.00 Kg (110 lb).

   – Body Mass Index (BMI) MUST be below 30.

6. Female candidates must NOT be pregnant at the time of recruitment and during the entire duration of training.

7. Medical fitness is essential, and candidates must have healthy skin devoid of large or deep scars and tattoos.

8. Specialist Officers and Tradesmen/women should possess a minimum of two (2) years of practical experience in their field of specialization from the date of registration with the relevant regulatory/statutory body in Kenya.

For retired KDF Service Members and retired NYS Servicemen/women seeking to apply, the following additional conditions apply:

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1. Be between the ages of 30 and 55 years old for retired KDF Service Members and between 35 and 45 years old for retired NYS Servicemen/women.

2. Possess a Discharge Certificate with a minimum rating of “Very Good” in conduct.

3. Must have served for nine (9) years in Color Service and retired honorably from KDF.

We understand the significance of your desire to serve our nation and uphold the values of discipline, courage, and commitment. The Kenya Defence Forces encourages all eligible candidates to seize this opportunity and contribute to the security and prosperity of our beloved country.

For more detailed information and to apply for the recruitment drive, kindly visit here and follow the instructions provided. The application process will open on 28th August and close on 8th September 2023.

Full Details

The Kenya Defence Forces is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in our recruitment process. We appreciate the public’s support in reporting any irregularities and ensuring a fair selection of deserving candidates who will continue to safeguard and defend our nation with honor and dedication. Together, let us build a stronger and more secure Kenya.

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