Amref Hiring Data Scientist/Analyst

Amref Hiring in 6 Positions

Amref Health Africa is seeking a highly skilled Data Scientist/Analyst to join the Health System Strengthening Directorate. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in leveraging data to enhance decision-making, drive programmatic impact, and contribute to the overall goal of improving health outcomes in Africa by making sense of existing data, developing a system of data collection and analysis and presenting the data to key stakeholders for utilization


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Program Management:

  • Lead in the development of an HSS Data Management and information use blueprint and Implementation Plan with representation of all the four strategic pillars within the HSS directorate
  • Continuously reviewing and improving data management processes, analytical methodologies, and reporting mechanisms to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of program management with the Directorate
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of performance monitoring frameworks to track and assess the effectiveness of health system strengthening programs within the Health Systems Strengthening Directorate
  • Contribute to the Directorate’s evidence-based work planning and budgeting efforts
  • Lead in the review and adaptation of essential data-related policies, Minimum operating Standards (MoSs), and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)
  • Work closely with the Health System Strengthening team and Amref country offices to identify opportunities for data-driven interventions to improve health systems.