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VIDEO: Tim Allen envisions “TOY STORY 5” following adult Andy as he searches for and reunites with all of his childhood toys

“TOY STORY 5”, according to Tim Allen, will center on adult Andy’s search for and reunion with all of his childhood toys.

Toy Story 5 has an abundance of endearing characters to pick from in order to give well-known faces larger roles. Pixar is known for its charming characters. Bo Peep received a lot of attention in Toy Story 4, but other characters also merited more attention. Woody and Buzz have encountered famous toys and characters in every Toy Story film, both good and bad.

As soon as Toy Story 5’s confirmation was made, conjecture about how the franchise would top its previous installments. Toy Story 4 ended perfectly, wrapping everything up with warmth and wisdom. A sequel seemed unnecessary, but Toy Story 3 pulled off the same trick. There are many ways to justify Toy Story 5, and one way would be to take a closer look at other beloved characters.

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The big surprise came in the form of a rumor in the past weeks, with a return that no one was really expecting: Andy, the original owner of the toys. The scoop suggests that the now-adult Andy will be part of this new film accompanied by his new family, hinting at the idea of his little ones becoming the new owners of Woody and the gang.

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Opinions on social media didn’t take long. As expected, many instantly rejected the idea of bringing the character that was solidly sent off in Toy Story 3, whereas others who are more critical of the fourth film are happy to see him return. Many fans think that Toy Story 4 was unnecessary, so a subsequent part will not please them. Yet, as Toy Story 5 is confirmed and Disney will hardly cancel it at this point, the true question here is whether Andy should be part of it or not. Here are some arguments in favor and against the idea of this controversial return.

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