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Woman Who wanted to Fall in Love with Mumias East MP Breaks Up with her Lover, 66 for Being too Old

Sheriffa Wambui, also known as Manzi Wa Kibera, has recently opened up about her breakup with her 66-year-old fiancé. In a heartfelt video message, the popular socialite explained that she ended the relationship due to the constant insults and criticism she faced from certain fans who disapproved of her relationship with a much older man.

Manzi Wa Kibera, based in the Kibera slum, expressed that both she and her former partner reached a mutual agreement to part ways because they could no longer endure the hurtful comments. “Some words are very hurtful. They call him an ancestor and say he lacks strength. What kind of things are people saying? It saddens me,” she shared.

This breakup comes shortly after the couple’s surprise engagement at China Square just a few weeks ago. Speculations have arisen that the relationship may have been driven by a desire for attention, with accusations of clout-chasing surrounding the pair.

The socialite first introduced her elderly boyfriend to the public in a YouTube interview back in November of last year. She revealed that they had met on the streets, where she was holding a placard requesting the local Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, to marry her. However, when her initial pursuit failed, she found solace in the arms of her current partner, who she praised for his financial stability and assets.

“He is the one who owns all this wealth. He enjoys this fortune. You see how well this wealth is connected,” Manzi Wa Kibera expressed.

Despite the end of this high-profile relationship, Manzi Wa Kibera continues to captivate her followers with her glamorous lifestyle and captivating persona.7832a217cbc34acc8ec824b0258d26b6?quality=uhq&resize=720

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