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Woman alleges assault by district officer boyfriend, fractured ribs

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A woman today filed a police report against her boyfriend, a district officer, accusing him of physical assault, leaving her with two fractured ribs. The Surin province district chief today, July 11, ordered an investigation and apologised to the victim.

The 41 year old victim, a woman referred to as A, provided CCTV footage showing her boyfriend, a district officer, repeatedly assaulting her. The footage captured him kicking and stomping on her, resulting in two broken ribs. The incident took place on June 17 in a residential area of Sangha district, Surin province.

The footage revealed that A was naked when the district officer began the assault. After initially leaving the house, he returned with a knife, smashing a guitar and damaging other property.

The victim reported the assault to Lieutenant Siwa Thongdas of Sangha Police Station. The investigation is currently ongoing, with both parties being called in for questioning to ensure fairness.

Sangha District Chief, Santi Okhapha expressed his concern and confirmed that the district is taking the matter seriously. The district officer involved has been summoned, and an official investigation has been launched. The district has communicated the facts to the provincial officials.

Possible disciplinary actions, including suspension or transfer, are being considered, pending further discussions with senior officials. Santi extended his apologies to the victim for the actions of his subordinate, acknowledging the damage to the district’s reputation.

A recounted that the incident began after she questioned her boyfriend, the district officer, about messaging with another woman online. This led to an argument and subsequent physical violence. She has been in a relationship with the district officer for three to four months, during which she has repeatedly been subjected to physical abuse, especially when he was under the influence of alcohol.

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Following the assault, a medical examination revealed two fractured ribs and multiple bruises. A expressed her distress over the impact on her 12 year old son, who was traumatised by witnessing the violence. She has resolved to sever all contact with her boyfriend and pursue legal action to the fullest extent, reported Daily News.

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