When You Bury Your Past, Avoid People Who Know Where The Grave Is, Gospel Musician Mary Lincon Says

When You Bury Your Past, Avoid People Who Know Where The Grave Is, Gospel Musician Mary Lincon Says

π™‡π™žπ™£π™ : https://www.facebook.com/438216603021915/posts/pfbid02CrBxAMFfAEKxmnHDFn8ag1NGfkkrpLBZtrwH9m26tza48HNs4piJftFGgnKhPDZYl/?app=fblMary Lincon is a Kenyan gospel musician and artist who sings in Kikuyu. She is best known for her Christian songs, which give hope.0a59e61949484042ae3a10b234ae408e?quality=uhq&resize=720Mary Lincon, who some of her fans claim has become a motivational speaker since alleged rumours that she broke up with her husband, took to her social media and captioned, “When you bury your past, avoid people who know where the grave is.”746c5b89d289430bb4f8ca07fd064ae3?quality=uhq&resize=720This comes days after she reportedly bought a new Mercedes-Benz GLA 180.28ba99a735144662b6e2dc800db058e6?quality=uhq&resize=720She is the latest celebrity to acquire an expensive vehicle, recently a car yard shared numerous images of the singer posing beside a black Mercedes Benz she reportedly bought.ce668e9d7ed64eca8cdce270011770e0?quality=uhq&resize=720Her black Mercedes Benz featured daylight running lights, indicating a recent model. The car seller disclosed that it was a GLA 180 worth around KSh 3 million.c833da8cea34457b821f6089bb048421?quality=uhq&resize=720β€œOnce again, congratulations Mary Lincon on your new car, and we hope you enjoy every moment behind the wheel. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for trusting us for your car purchase,” the vehicle dealer wrote.Β 

The company dismissed claims that it was a marketing gimmick and Lincon had not purchased the vehicle.

In 2022, a popular Facebook page leaked some private photos of Mary Lincon.

The photos that were shared on social media were so humiliating that they forced Mary Lincon to publicly ask for forgiveness.

Fans react:

π‘Ίπ’π’π’π’Šπ’†: Very true…those people you think are your friends, are your worst enemies πŸ™Œ17bcb86d52df45299fe768c3c2d379fd?quality=uhq&resize=720π‘Άπ’•π’•π’š: This so called gospel artist is acting holy but we all know she has not gone through alot, alot has gone through her.😎😎2c4226656248439c8b2987ad20c5a752?quality=uhq&resize=720𝐓𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐑: If the past is dead to you that’s all that matters. Unless if you try to raise the dead and entertain past pain.b2ae735020cb4ca490843daa72dc0688?quality=uhq&resize=720d07bc62b1c8a4223bcc77e6f5f638131?quality=uhq&resize=720

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