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‘We are standing in solidarity with Gen Z’ – Kalonzo

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka has voiced his unwavering support for Gen Z, condemning the alleged collusion between the government and the police in allowing disruptions and abductions during recent peaceful anti-finance bill demonstrations.

While holding a presser at Wiper Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, Kalonzo emphasized that Gen Z, like all other Kenyans, are well-informed about their rights and the law, deserving support and protection.

“Kenyans will stand together…Nobody here is saying we want to get in the space of Gen Zs but they are Kenyans. They brought goons and paid them to disrupt peaceful demonstrations of the young Kenyans, we stand in solidarity with Gen Z…and we are saying stop goonism. The Gen Zs are very disciplined professionals who know their rights and the law so goons should stay away,” Kalonzo remarked.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Secretary General Shakila Abdalla at NEC meeting held at Wiper headquarters. PHOTO/@skmusyoka/X

No retreat, no surrender

Kalonzo directed blame towards the National Assembly for swiftly approving the deployment of the military on the streets, expressing his disapproval of the militarization of public spaces. 

He firmly stated his stance, declaring that he would not engage in discussions until the military personnel retreated to their barracks.

“We need to make it clear that the national assembly hurriedly passed that legislation allowing CS defence to call the military into the streets. That order is still in force. I do not want to be called into any discussions unless our men are back in the barracks, by removing the provision,” Kalonzo added.

Kalonzo speaks on abductions

In a passionate plea against the alarming trend of abductions in the country, Kalonzo highlighted his concern over the abduction of the Kenya School of Law (KSL) student council president Joshua Okayo

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After hearing Okayo’s account, Kalonzo urged the unnamed men responsible for recent abductions to step back and cease being manipulated for ulterior motives.

“I met yesterday with KSL President Okayo who was abducted and dumped in Murang’a. When I saw him, he was complaining of some stuff injected into his harm. We are recommending thorough medical examinations, including blood tests and things so we know the truth,” Kalonzo noted.

“This killer squad must stop. Again it goes back command structure of the police service. If you are serving in those special squads, disengage, and do not be used to kill innocent leaders like Mr. Okuya.”

In addition, a journalist posed a question asking about the recent dialogue talks between Raila and President Ruto, Kalonzo opted to remain silent on the matter, indicating a neutral position on the dialogue between the two political figures.

“We have no comments on such thing, we do not know, we are not aware, for now, no comment,” Kalonzo noted.

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