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Watch out: Bangkok cops nab 2.4 million baht luxury watch scammer

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Police in Bangkok have arrested a suspect involved in a 2.4 million baht luxury watch scam, where the perpetrator tricked a delivery service into handing over a high-end timepiece after the customer had already made the purchase. The arrest took place yesterday, bringing to light the details of the elaborate con.

Police from the Metropolitan Investigation Unit and Huamark Investigation Unit collaborated to apprehend 35 year old Nanthawat. The suspect was taken into custody in Bang Kapi, Bangkok, around 2pm yesterday, following a warrant issued by the Criminal Court on June 21 for charges of colluding in fraud by impersonation.

On May 13, a customer made contact to purchase a Patek Philippe 5165A-001 silver watch with a black rubber strap, agreeing to a price of 2.4 million baht. The following day, the seller delivered the watch to a private delivery service shop in Soi Ramkhamhaeng 21.

As the buyer was completing the payment, Nanthawat appeared at the delivery shop, posing as the buyer. He wore a rider’s jacket and convinced the delivery service staff that he no longer wanted the watch shipped and instead wanted it returned to him.

The store employees handed over the watch based on his claims. It wasn’t until later that the actual seller realised the watch had been fraudulently collected, leading to the issuance of an arrest warrant and subsequent police investigation.

Upon interrogation, Nanthawat confessed to collecting the luxury watch from the delivery service under the guise of the buyer. He revealed that he was hired by another individual to carry out this task. Nanthawat then sold the watch to a pawn shop for 1.03 million baht, receiving a payment of 15,000 baht for his role in the scam, while transferring 1.015 million baht to the person who hired him.

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Police have taken the suspect to the Huamark Police Station for further legal proceedings. Deputy Police Chief Teeradej has instructed the team to expand their investigation to include those who knowingly purchased the stolen items, warning the public about the dangers of buying and selling high-value goods, reported KhaoSod.

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