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Wannabe Socialite Shakila Arrested while Trying to Break Into Willy Paul’s Home.

Shakila Arrested while Trying to Break Into Willy Paul's Home

Famous Controversial artist Willy Paul data an announcement with Police over a preferred socialite Shakilla saga. Shakila broke to his home at Mid-night.

Shakila allegedly broke into Willy Paul’s home yesterday at midnight and was ultimately arrested after Willy Paul alerted the police.

Willy Paul is among the many listing of Popular Kenyan Celebrities Exposed  by the 19-yrs-Old Socialite,Shakila.She claimed Willy Pozze has been hitting on her for a very long time.She went forward to spill that,Pozze had invited her to his house,the place  she was handled badly after she refused to fulfill him Se**ually.

” I would like to address an issue that occurred yesterday at my residence at around midnight. The estate security noticed a lady at my gate that was forcefully trying to enter my house ( she did ), ” Willy Paul Posted on Instagram.

“They informed me immediately and I went only to find out that its the ” Famous Shakilla”. I immediately reported to the police and she was arrested for trespassing, ” he added.

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“I have also handed over the CCTV footage and a few popular names of the people she mentioned she is working for to the authorities for further investigation. Kindly put me and my family in your prayers, it is not safe for me anymore. Be blessed, ” he added.

Investigation are at present ongoing,while we’re but to verify Shakias launch.

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