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Wallo Gets Emotional Reflecting On Telling Gillie Da Kid His Son Passed Away

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During a recent episode of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, Wallo and Gillie Da Kid found themselves both getting emotional discussing Gillie’s late son. Back in July, Gillie’s son YNG Cheese was tragically murdered. He was one of three shot in the incident though he was the only one to suffer fatal injuries. In the wake of the news much of the hip-hop world mourned the loss and poured out condolences for Gillie.

Now, with a few months having passed since the tragedy they addressed it on a new podcast episode. Gillie’s co-host Wallo gets emotional discussing the guilt he felt having to be the one to deliver the bad news. In the clip, he claims that it was “the worst thing I ever told anybody,” which is no surprise given the severity of what happened. While telling the story he stops repeatedly to discuss the responsibilities he felt in the situation and how they were made even more difficult by his emotions. Check out the entire discussion below.

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Wallo And Gillie Da Kid Emotional Reflecting On YNG Cheese Passing

Recently, Wallo has made waves for his observations on hip hop at large. He posted a lengthy letter to the “rap game” earlier this month where he made some observations on the genre. He praised the innovation and transformation that it’s undergone in recent years. It was a refreshingly positive take on the genre when many others paint a less compelling picture.

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One of those that expressed much less optimism in the genre was Juicy J. He made an Instagram post mourning the direction of rap music and the decline in sales the genre has experienced. Wallo responded to that post elaborating on his feelings that the style and direction of rap music were largely positive. What do you think of Wallo and Gillie’s emotional discussing of what happened after YNG Cheese was murdered? Let us know in the comment section below.

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