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Village mystery of a questionable 90 million baht lottery winner

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A village in Nakhon Phanom is abuzz with speculation after reports emerged of a woman allegedly winning a massive lottery prize of 90 million baht, but despite the claims circulating online, villagers and relatives remain sceptical about the validity of the story.

The story was posted online yesterday, June 25, about a lottery winner who discovered that she had won the first prize in the lottery after her son rummaged through her bag to steal money, only to find five lottery tickets worth 30 million baht each.

According to the post, 60 million baht had already been cashed in, and the remaining 30 million would be withdrawn on her birthday, June 30.

Village headman 59 year old Prajit Silasak from Ban Nam Kham Tai, explained that if the woman had truly won such a large sum, it would not have remained a secret for two years.

Prajit also pointed out that the woman is not very social, claiming herself to be of high status, which discourages villagers from approaching her. To address the growing curiosity, Prajit planned to visit her house to confirm the truth.

Prajit mentioned that nobody in the village, including the woman’s relatives, believed the story, while also refuting claims that she had already withdrawn 60 million baht and planned to withdraw the rest on her birthday.

Massive speculation

“Even the district chief of That Phanom called to ask about it. Police investigators and patrol officers drive by her house two to three times a day, hoping to uncover the truth. Additionally, creditors from construction material shops she owes money to have been asking around, seeking to collect their debts. If someone had really won the lottery, it wouldn’t be like this.”

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Prajit recalled that the lottery winner had claimed to have 111 oil wells in Saudi Arabia belonging to her husband. Villagers were often disturbed by her playing loud Buddhist sermons at three or four in the morning.

Accompanied by reporters, Prajit visited the alleged lottery winner’s house to verify the claims. They were met by her third son, who claimed his mother was in Bangkok and could not be interviewed as it might lead to misinterpretation. He suggested waiting until she returned to cash in the remaining lottery prize.

Further investigations revealed that the water meter in front of her house had indeed been cut off, possibly due to failed payments.

A relative of the woman remarked that if she had won such a significant amount, she would have withdrawn it all instead of letting the mystery linger for nearly two years. The relative also mentioned that the woman rarely interacted with others, often claiming to be an important person working at an airport, though nobody knew where. She frequently donned white clothing, portraying herself as a devout individual.

Her next-door neighbour, 72 year old Yaithiang Thitdaeng, said she did not believe the woman had won the 90 million baht. Previously, the woman had claimed to be a deity but now presents herself as a regular person. Yaithiang speculated that the woman might be seeking attention.

The village remains sceptical as the mystery surrounding the alleged lottery win continues to unfold, reported KhaoSod.

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