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VIDEO: A Small Kid Left Azimio Leader Raila Speechless from the Poem that he Narrated

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Today while he was at Kakamega in preparation for the maandamano season 3 Raila Odinga was surprised by a small kid’s speech about the current leaders of Kenya.

The kid who seems to be so young was given an opportunity to make his speech which he said that it was a poem that he had made and he wanted to pass it out.

Starting by introducing himself and then greeting the people like a grown up person left the Azimio members mouth agape. The boy then started by saying that he had a poem and then he started narrating it to the Azimio party members.

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This poem however touched the Azimio leader Raila Odinga in that the poem to him meant a lot about the leaders of Kenya who have neglected their people. Raila later said that from the poem Ruto was just a photocopy and not original.


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