Uncovering trends in Thai consumers self-confidence by generation

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Merz Aesthetics Thailand has unveiled the inaugural Self-Confidence Index, shedding light on the mental fortitude of Thai consumers and their quest for physical perfection.

Spearheaded by Assistant Professor Dr Watcharaporn Bunyasiriwat, a Social Psychology Lecturer at Chulalongkorn University, this survey marks a significant leap in understanding consumer confidence trends.


Delving into the psyche of 1,000 Thai consumers, the survey uncovers intriguing insights across different generational divides:

  • Gen X (Happiness): Prioritising self-care routines tailored to their age, Gen Xers find joy in maintaining a youthful appearance.
  • Gen Y (Self-Love): Focused on self-awareness and setting clear goals, Gen Y individuals indulge in rejuvenating self-care practices to preserve their youthfulness.
  • Gen Z (Ideal Self): Influenced by social media beauty trends, Gen Z exhibits a strong awareness but reports lower confidence in their appearance.
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Identifying six pivotal factors for self-confidence ranking, the survey reveals appearance holds significant sway over overall confidence levels, with a staggering 82% of Thai respondents aspiring to enhance their natural beauty. This revelation mirrors the trend of using photo-editing apps to achieve an idealised self-image.

This confidence chasm presents a golden opportunity for Merz Aesthetics Thailand to thrive. Post-procedure, beauty treatments catapult confidence levels to an impressive 91%, offering quick fixes to skin and body concerns. The allure of these procedures lies in their ability to empower individuals, allowing them to tackle life’s challenges with renewed vigour, reported The Nation.

Armed with these insights, Merz Aesthetics Thailand is poised to revolutionise its communication strategies. By prioritising sustainability and bolstering self-assurance, the company aims to cement its status as the go-to destination for beauty procedures. The Self-Confidence Index serves as a beacon, guiding the company towards elevating Thai consumers’ confidence to unprecedented heights.

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In related news, an initiative to address the increasing mental health issues among Thai adolescents has been launched under the name of Kru Care Jai. This programme, initiated by the Public Health Ministry, seeks to provide training to teachers to enhance their abilities incurbing mental health problems in students.

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