UK and Thailand unveil 15.3 billion baht science fund

Photo of Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

In a historic move announced in Bangkok, the British Embassy and Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) have joined forces to roll out the International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF).

This jaw-dropping 337-million-British-pound (15.3 billion baht) venture, set to be fully operational by the year’s end, is poised to revolutionise the realms of science and innovation on a global scale.


Prompted by the pressing environmental crises gripping our planet, the ISPF sets its sights on nurturing sustainable scientific breakthroughs while fostering collaborative efforts amongst international partners. With a laser focus on four pivotal themes, Resilient Planet, Transformative Technologies, Healthy People, Animal and Plants, and Tomorrow’s Planet, this initiative aims to spearhead solutions to some of humanity’s most daunting challenges.

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British ambassador Mark Gooding expressed fervent enthusiasm.

“We are seeking collaborations from different sectors to work together between two countries and take forward the scientific research and development to tackle the big global challenges together.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sirirurg Songsivilai, chairperson of TSRI’s science, research, and innovation promotion committee, highlighted the pivotal role of international cooperation.

“With the launch of this fund, it augments our belief that international collaboration is crucial.”

For Thailand, this monumental fund spells a boon for institutions like Leaders in Innovation Fellowships (LIF), Transforming Systems Through Partnerships (TSP), and the MRC-SEA One Health and Pandemic Preparedness programme. Patamawadee Pochanukul, TSRI’s president, stressed the importance of forward-thinking research strategies in confronting emerging challenges, such as potential new diseases, reported Bangkok Post.

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Furthermore, the ISPF underlines the enduring commitment to tackling environmental issues through sustained collaboration between the UK and Thailand, two nations with a rich history of cooperation.

“We are glad to be partnered with the UK in developing our research system. With the national and public benefits as our prime focus, we will intensify our research and use our budget wisely.”

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