Travis Kelce left red-faced by ‘hideous’ NFL rookie card that shows Chiefs star posing with his mouth open at the 2013 combine: ‘If anybody asks me to sign that I will set it in flames’

A fan submitted a photo of Travis Kelce's NFL rookie card, which didn't sit well with him


Travis Kelce was left slightly red-faced on the latest episode of New Heights after a fan submitted a photo of his “hideous” NFL rookie trading card.

During his illustrious career, Kelce has won two Super Bowls and ranks fourth on the all-time yards receiving list for tight ends in the NFL.

But even the greats can’t escape their past and Kelce was forced to see his ‘disgusting’ rookie card again on this week’s show.

The photo, which he said is from the 2013 NFL Draft combine, shows Kelce with a new face as he tried to impress scouts and earn a spot on a team’s roster.

In an instant, Kelce – who has slicked back her hair – stands with her mouth open and tries to catch a ball.

The photo shows a fresh-faced, open-mouthed Kelce at the 2013 NFL Combine

The photo shows a fresh-faced, open-mouthed Kelce at the 2013 NFL Combine

In the fan mentions of the weekly portion of their popular podcast, a fan submitted the photo – which didn’t go down well with Taylor Swift’s friend.

Brother Jason introduced it and said, “Since the guys were talking about cards on the last podcast, I thought I would show my rookie card of Travis that I drew at training camp a few years ago.”

He asked, “How did this end up being your rookie card?”

A clearly unhappy Travis replied, “I fucking hate that card. That card is disgusting dude.

“Why would they choose that photo for my rookie card? Like, what the fuck. Who chooses that s***?’

Confused, Jason says, “I thought Rookie Cards had pictures of the guys actually playing.”

Travis continues, “I did this at the NFL Draft combine. That was the only time I ever wore an Under Armor shirt. I am a Nike athlete.

‘The photographer could have told me to keep my mouth shut. I look like an asshole. This is inappropriate, dude.

“Yeah, no, that card is pretty bad. If anyone ever asks me to re-sign that card, I’ll light it in flames right there in front of you. That card is terrible.’

Kelce should be fresh for the NFL playoffs after last week's win over the LA Chargers

Kelce should be fresh for the NFL playoffs after last week’s win over the LA Chargers

Discussing how much it might sell for in the future, Jason adds that it will “one day be the top dollar item for Travis Kelce memorabilia.”

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While he may hate it, the Travis Kelce in that photo would be happy with the career he’s built for himself in the NFL.

The 34-year-old will play again in the NFL playoffs this season after the Chiefs won another AFC West title.

Kelce and the Chiefs will take on the dangerous Miami Dolphins on Saturday night and welcome former star receiver Tyreek Hill back to Arrowhead Stadium.

He should also be fresh and ready to go after missing the Chiefs’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers last week.

When asked why he was absent from SoFi Stadium, Kelce jokingly blamed fearsome Chargers safety Derwin James, who famously knocked him into the Arrowhead turf last season.

“I mean, isn’t it obvious?” Travis started. “Do you think I tried to go out there and powerbomb Derwin James again? F*** that? You are joking? That was a knockout blow, man. I’m trying to keep the blood flowing in this thing.’