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TikTok user baffled by human activity captured on home CCTV (video)

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A TikTok user’s eerie experience has left many intrigued after her home security camera detected unexplained human activity.

The user, identified as @falyme, shared a video on TikTok showing a series of strange events that her home’s CCTV captured.

The TikTok user reported that the security camera in her house issued an alert indicating human presence, but when she checked, no one was there. She also heard the sound of a door opening, items being dragged, and objects falling. In her post, the woman expressed her confusion and concern.

“What’s in my house? Initially, I thought nothing of it, but when I reviewed the footage, it seemed too coincidental.”

The video shows the woman coming downstairs with her young child to prepare for work. When she reached the door, she noticed it was not fully closed, although the automatic lock was engaged. She recalled locking up properly the night before and began to worry about potential intruders.

Upon reaching her workplace, the TikTok user called her aunt to check the security footage to confirm if the house was locked the previous evening. Her aunt reviewed the footage and confirmed the door was closed properly. However, around 5.56am, the camera detected human activity as the lights turned on automatically. Despite this, no one was visible on the footage, and the alert persisted until 5.57am.

Later, the footage from the upstairs camera showed the woman awake, lying in bed and using her phone. At 5.58am, she heard the sound of a door knob turning, followed by dragging and the loud noise of something falling. Concerned, she checked the front door camera, thinking her aunt might have returned from work, but there was no sign of her aunt’s car. This raised more questions about who opened the door and caused the noise.

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Paranormal activity

Deciding to investigate, the woman found the door to the prayer room slightly ajar but noticed nothing had fallen and no one else was in the house besides her and her child.

After this unsettling experience, the woman reviewed the camera alerts again. The footage showed that everything was normal in the lower part of the house, with the door securely closed, eliminating any possibility of wind or dust entering the house.

However, at 3.23am, a white shadow seemed to emerge from the floor and ascend the stairs. As the shadow moved upward, the CCTV lights turned on, and the system issued a human presence alert. Despite this, there was no visible person in the footage, and the house remained securely locked with no way for anyone to enter.

The post has garnered significant attention and sparked numerous online discussions about the mysterious events in the woman’s house, reported KhaoSod.


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