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Thaksin sues Warong for 100 million baht over bribery defamation

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Thaksin Shinawatra initiated a lawsuit against Thai Pakdee Party leader Warong Dechgitvigrom, demanding 100 million baht for alleged defamation related to a 2-billion-baht bribe accusation.

Thaksin’s lawyer, Winyat Chartmontree, filed the suit yesterday, June 27, following Warong’s comments on social media and during a rally near Government House. Warong’s remarks, though not directly naming Thaksin, strongly implied his involvement in the alleged bribery scheme.

Warong’s Facebook post on June 12 alleged that a 2-billion-baht bribe was paid by a casino owner in Hong Kong to secure bail for a prominent political figure facing serious charges. He claimed that in May, a senior justice official travelled to Hong Kong as part of the group orchestrating the bribe.

Warong further alleged that the casino owner agreed to the bribe in exchange for future rights to open a casino in Thailand, contingent on the legalisation of gambling in the country.

The Court of Justice informed the Judicial Commission (JC) of the allegations involving a high-ranking justice official on June 17. The JC has since requested the Supreme Court to appoint a fact-finding panel to investigate the matter.

Winyat, addressing the press yesterday, refuted claims that the lawsuit was an attempt to silence Warong. Instead, he described it as Thaksin’s legitimate effort to protect his reputation.

“This lawsuit is not about gagging anyone. It is Thaksin’s rightful course of action to defend his name.”

Thaksin is seeking 100 million baht in damages, and the court has scheduled a lawsuit examination date for September 30, reported Bangkok Post.

In related news, Zan Wisaphat and her lawyer filed a defamation lawsuit against actress Ning Panita at the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court after police investigations stalled. Zan Wisaphat Manomaiyarat and her lawyer, Pornsak Vipasa-apanon, arrived at the court to file the case, claiming Ning Panita had made false accusations against her.

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In other news, Chalerm Yoovidhya, the son of the Red Bull co-founder, has initiated legal proceedings against a TV presenter and former police lieutenant colonel for defamation, seeking compensation of 50 million baht.

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