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Thailand Video News | Woman sparks backlash for vaping on flight, PM unveils airport upgrades ahead of Songkran

In this video, Alex and Jay delve into the comprehensive Roundup of Recent News from Thailand. Beginning with Prime Minister Srettha’s surprise inspection at Suvarnabhumi Airport sparks upgrades before Thai New Year, while a woman’s vaping on a flight from Chiang Rai triggers social media outrage. Thailand readies to host 100,000 refugees from Myanmar’s conflict, as a British tourist faces fines for indecent exposure on Krabi Beach. A viral video of an intimate encounter off Phuket Beach sparks online controversy, while Bangkok gears up for diverse Songkran celebrations across 118 venues.

PM Srettha’s Surprise Inspection Paves Way for Suvarnabhumi Airport Upgrades Ahead of Thai New Year

During an unexpected visit to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Prime Minister Srettha assessed the recent upgrades aimed at handling the anticipated increase in passenger flow for the upcoming Thai New Year celebrations. On his third surprise inspection, the PM observed significant improvements in traffic management, check-in efficiency, and baggage handling. Commending the progress on X, Srettha announced a new ambitious KPI targeting a 45 to 60 minute timeframe for passengers moving from check-in to customs. He revealed plans to extend the advance check-in period to four hours, increase self-service kiosks, and double staff numbers to streamline operations. Additionally, Srettha addressed the importance of expanding the use of self-check-in services, urging airlines to adopt the technology more widely to prevent bottlenecks, and announced an integration into a unified Thailand Immigration System to mitigate future technical issues.


Outrage as Woman Vapes on Flight from Chiang Rai, Sparks Social Media Backlash

A Thai woman has incited public ire after a video of her vaping on a flight departing Mae Fah Luang International Airport in Chiang Rai circulated widely on social media. Captured discreetly by a fellow passenger and shared on the Red Skull Twitter account on April 11, the footage shows her covertly releasing vapor under her face mask, drawing sharp criticism for flouting flight safety rules and showing disrespect to other passengers. Krabi Immigration Police and Ao Nang Police Station swiftly identified and summoned Kershaw, who was visiting Thailand on a tourist visa. He apologized for his actions, attributing them to alcohol influence, and was subsequently fined under the Criminal Law for committing an act of public indecency.

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Thailand Prepares to Host 100,000 Refugees from Conflict-Torn Myanmar

Thailand has declared its preparedness to shelter up to 100,000 refugees fleeing the conflict in Myanmar, as announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara. This response follows the seizure of Myawaddy, a border town, by rebel forces, highlighting the escalating violence near Thailand’s Mae Sot district in Tak. The readiness was confirmed after a critical meeting involving Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and key military officials, addressing the potential refugee influx and discussing Myanmar’s request for special flights to evacuate military personnel and their families from Yangon to Mae Sot. Despite a decrease in border trade activities by 30%, the Thai government assures the border will stay open, with alternative trade routes planned if necessary. Additionally, a committee has been formed to oversee the situation, emphasizing Thailand’s humanitarian approach to permitting Myanmar flights and its dedication to facilitating peace talks amidst the ongoing crisis. The situation has notably affected the transport and costs of goods, especially fresh products, underscoring the broader economic impact of the conflict.


British Tourist Fined for Indecent Exposure on Krabi Beach

In Krabi, a British tourist has been fined 5,000 baht following his naked walk along Ao Nang Beach, an act caught on video and widely shared on social media. Joseph William Kershaw, 23, was filmed by a local resident as he walked unclothed with his friends, causing a stir among online viewers. Despite the amusement it might have caused his group, local onlookers found the behavior disrespectful to the cultural landmark and the community.

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Viral Video of Intimate Encounter on Surfboard Off Phuket Beach Sparks Online Controversy

A video capturing two foreigners in a sexual act on a surfboard off Karon Beach in Phuket has ignited a fiery debate across social media platforms. Shared by the Facebook page Hot Jung Phuket, the footage quickly amassed over 13,000 reactions and nearly 2,000 comments, reflecting a divided public opinion. While some commenters approached the situation with humor, viewing the act as a harmless pursuit of pleasure, others condemned it as a blatant disregard for public decency.


Bangkok Set to Host Diverse Songkran Celebrations Across 118 Venues

As Songkran, Thailand’s traditional New Year festival, approaches, Bangkok is gearing up to welcome the event with a bang, hosting festivities in 118 venues across the city. From the serene “Cultural Songkran,” focusing on traditional customs and genteel celebrations, to the exuberant “Fun-filled Songkran,” known for its wild water fights and vibrant entertainment, the capital promises a memorable experience for locals and tourists alike. Enhanced safety measures, including CCTV and AI camera installations, are in place at key locations like Khao San Road to ensure a secure environment for participants. With an anticipated increase in tourism, partly due to the Thai-Chinese free visa policy, the city is buzzing with activity, offering a variety of events that cater to all tastes.

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