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Thailand Video News | Illegal immigrants arrested in Samut Prakan feud raid, former Deputy Commerce Minister receives death sentence for murder 

In Thailand Video News, Alex talks about how 50 illegal Cambodian and Burmese immigrants have been arrested in Samut Prakan after a condominium was raided by police. Former Deputy Commerce Minister Banyin Tangpakorn has had their death sentence upheld by the Supreme Court for the murder of a construction tycoon. A UN report has revealed Thai banks have contributed to funding Myanmar’s military Junta. A child in Chon Buri was rescued from a locked car after the parents stopped for a bathroom break and the electric car locked automatically. A Thai woman claiming she won 90 million baht in the lottery has come under scrutiny as being potentially fraudulent. Thai filmmaker Pat Boonnitipat’s debut feature film “How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” has earned 1 billion baht globally since premiering, making it a box office success. Indonesian immigration has detained 103 foreign nationals suspecting visa misuse and their involvement in cybercrime. A US report has accused Cambodian officials of being complicit in human trafficking through online scams.

Illegal immigrants arrested in Samut Prakan feud raid

Police in Samut Prakan arrested 50 illegal Cambodian and Burmese immigrants after raiding a condominium due to a violent feud. The crackdown, involving over 50 officers, followed a brutal attack by 20 Cambodian workers on Myanmar teenagers, injuring one severely. Police discovered around 50 illegal residents during the raid and detained them for deportation. The operation, led by Police Major General Wichit Boonchinwutikul, also resulted in the arrest of two Cambodian suspects involved in the attack, with efforts ongoing to apprehend the remaining group members.

Former Deputy Commerce Minister receives death sentence for murder

The Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence for Banyin Tangpakorn, a former Deputy Commerce Minister, convicted of murdering construction tycoon Chuwong Saetang. Chuwong died in a 2015 car crash, initially deemed accidental, but evidence showed Banyin staged the crash to cover up the murder. The initial court ruling in 2021 and the appellate court’s decision in 2022 both found Banyin guilty of premeditated murder. The Supreme Court’s recent decision reaffirms his death sentence, highlighting the severity of his crimes. The case has garnered significant attention due to its high-profile nature and brutal execution.

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UN report: Thai banks aid Myanmar Junta’s campaign

A UN report reveals Thai banks are crucial in funding Myanmar’s military junta, enabling its violent crackdown on pro-democracy resistance and ethnic minorities. Since the 2021 coup, the junta has evaded US and EU sanctions by relying on Thai companies and banks, notably Siam Commercial Bank, which saw transactions for military procurement rise from $5 million to over $100 million in 2023. The report by UN special rapporteur Tom Andrews details the severe human rights violations by Myanmar’s military, including civilian bombings, resulting in over 5,000 deaths and 3 million displaced people. Andrews calls for international banks to cease facilitating these transactions.

Child rescued from locked car in Chon Buri; parents warned

In Chon Buri, a two-year-old child was rescued after being locked inside a car at a petrol station. Emergency responders from Thammarat Maneerat Foundation arrived quickly, taking 20 minutes to unlock the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross with its engine running. The child, unbothered, was playing inside while her anxious parents waited outside. The parents had stopped to use the restroom, not realizing the electric vehicle would lock automatically. Authorities warn against leaving children alone in cars, emphasizing the potential dangers. This incident had a safe outcome, but similar situations can quickly escalate.

Thai woman’s 90 million baht lottery win under scrutiny

A Thai woman’s claim of winning 90 million baht in the lottery is under scrutiny due to doubts about the authenticity of her claim and her legal troubles. Her son allegedly found the tickets while attempting to steal money from her. Despite claims of a significant lottery win, neighbors question why she hasn’t used the money to redeem her mortgaged house, which remains in disrepair. Premmanee, the woman in question, faces eviction and has missed court-ordered mediation sessions. Police could arrest her if found outside her home. Authorities are investigating the lottery claim for potential fraud, and the Government Lottery Office will need to verify the win.


Thai film ‘How To Make Millions’ dominates box offices

Thai filmmaker Pat Boonnitipat’s debut feature, “How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies,” has become a box office sensation. Initially created to support his family business and for his grandmother to see, the film has earned 334 million baht domestically since its April 4 premiere and has achieved remarkable success in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and globally, grossing 1 billion baht. The story follows M, a young man caring for his terminally ill grandmother to secure her inheritance, starring Putthipong Assaratanakul and Usha Seamkhum. Pat drew inspiration from living with his own grandmother, resulting in a film that has emotionally resonated with audiences and sparked heartfelt reactions online.

Bali raid leads to detention of 103 foreigners suspected of cybercrime

Indonesian immigration authorities detained 103 foreign nationals in a Bali villa raid, suspecting visa misuse and cybercrime involvement. The detainees, including Taiwanese, Chinese, and Malaysians, were found with computers and cellphones, suggesting potential cybercrime activities. The raid in Tabanan district led to the arrest of 91 men and 12 women, who are now held in Denpasar. Photos show detainees lying by a swimming pool at the three-story villa. Authorities are investigating possible links to international syndicates and plan further operations to ensure compliance with immigration regulations and maintain order in Bali.

US report: Cambodian officials complicit in human trafficking for online scams

A US State Department report has accused Cambodian officials of being complicit in human trafficking for online scams, placing Cambodia at the lowest Tier 3 rating for anti-trafficking efforts. Despite opening a victim support center and cooperating on investigations, the Cambodian government was criticized for not meeting minimum standards to combat trafficking. The report highlighted large-scale online scam operations in Cambodia, often run by Chinese syndicates using forced labor, generating over $12.5 billion annually. Experts claim the scam industry has state protection, with reports of police involvement in victim abuse and extortion. Cambodian authorities acknowledged challenges and requested US support but denied specific accusations of complicity.

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