Thai transwoman arrested for trying to swindle monk

Photo of Petch Petpailin

Police arrested a Thai transwoman for offering a sex service and trying to swindle 20,000 baht from a monk at the Dong Sam Muen Monastery in the northern province of Lamphun.

The 33 year old monk, Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat, collaborated with officers from Ban Hong Police Station to setup the 23 year old transwoman, Charnnarong, leading to her arrest on the night of February 20. Charnnarong offered the monk a sex service and attempted to blackmail him for money when he refused her offer.


Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat explained that Charnnarong contacted him on social media and asked him to hire her to work at his father’s construction material store. Aside from the job request, Charnnarong offered sex to the monk in exchange for 40,000 baht.

Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat stated that he refused her offer and ended the conversation that day. Nevertheless, the transwoman contacted him again, requesting to borrow 6,000 baht. Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat said he gave her 2,000 baht and encouraged her to seek money from others.

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Charnnarong sent pornography videos to him, claiming they were sent in appreciation for his assistance. However, she persisted in asking for money from the monk, stating she wanted 20,000 baht. She said she would share screenshots of their conversation with the public if he refused.

Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat pretended to play along but reported the matter to the police and planned her arrest. The monk asked the transwoman to collect money from him at the monastery, where police officers were monitoring the situation and waiting to apprehend her.

Past encounter

The transwoman and her transgender friend arrived at the monastery in a white sedan. They did not get out of the car and ordered Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat to hand money to them. Officers emerged from their hiding spots once the setup was completed.

Charnnarong attempted to flee the scene and even tried to crash her car into Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat but the monk managed to evade the car. Police blocked her escape and took them to the police station for further legal proceedings.

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Phra Kru Winai Dhammawat disclosed that a similar incident occurred to him before. A Thai transwoman and a woman aged between 16 and 19 years old visited him at the monastery and offered a sex service at 10,000 baht. He pretended to agree to the offer and asked the police to arrest the two on the scheduled meeting date but officers failed to apprehend them in time.

Charnnarong was charged under Section 337 of the Criminal Law: forcing another person to give property or provide any benefits by threatening or using a violent act. The penalty is imprisonment from six months to seven years and a fine from 10,000 to 40,000 baht.

Police did not report whether Charnnarong’s friend was involved in the crime or not.

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