Thai teen drowns in pond in search for clams with drunk dad

Photo of Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

A Thai teenager lost his life while embarking on a clam-hunting expedition with his intoxicated father on Wednesday, February 21, in Soi Mab Song, Nong Prue subdistrict, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province.

Responding swiftly to the distress call, Nong Prue police and rescue teams descended upon the scene, greeted by a sombre assembly of locals clustered around the pond. Eyewitnesses narrated the harrowing sequence of events, detailing how the 19 year old, identified only as Tao, had ventured into the pond in pursuit of shellfish, only to vanish beneath the water’s surface within moments.


Amidst the murky depths, divers undertook a desperate search, ultimately culminating in the heart-wrenching recovery of Tao’s lifeless body, ensnared in the pond’s muddy embrace. Remarkably, no traces of physical injury marred the young victim’s form.

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Tragically, Tao’s father, whose identity remains undisclosed, stood amidst the turmoil, visibly intoxicated and struggling to articulate even his son’s complete name. A witness to the calamity, Phupha Dongraksa, recounted the ill-fated clam-collecting excursion, divulging that he, Tao, and his inebriated father had split up along the pond’s periphery, reported Pattaya News.

As the teen found himself ensnared in the treacherous currents, his incapacitated father, hindered by the fog of inebriation, proved powerless to aid his imperilled son. Despite Phupha’s efforts to rescue the stricken teenager, the 19 year old could not escape his tragic end.

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In related news, a tragic incident on the banks of the Mekong River claimed the life of a 10 year old boy whose body was discovered last Saturday, February 17, after being drawn into a whirlpool three days prior. The boy’s grandfather managed to rescue the boy’s sister but could not reach Veerawat in time. The local authorities in Ubon Ratchathani’s Khemarat district have been alerted.

In other news, a three year old girl drowned in a canal opposite the Chumphon Nikayaram Rajaworawihan Temple in the district of Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya province on February 6.

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