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Talia Oyando Shares A Beautiful Photo While At Etihad Stadium, A Home To Manchester City

𝙇𝙞𝙣𝙠: the petals of a rose flower opening up to allow pollination, the airwaves have kept on opening up to create numerous opportunities for Talia.07f5207614a2425db317a814540e5c16?quality=uhq&resize=720Being a celebrity is a tough job. One has to maintain a clean image, and apart from that, you must be a role model to the youth.2310ec2ff08d444ea27b2e36d76d18b1?quality=uhq&resize=720Veteran TV and radio presenter Talia Oyando is among the few celebrities who have managed to create brands for themselves.7806f1a5ec054d9a8c329651a0dfe165?quality=uhq&resize=720Talia is not only known for her prowess on the mic but also for her love of fashion. Well, Talia is living large, and this is a clear indication that the media pays despite the rumours that it’s one of the worst-paying jobs around.

She is a TV host, MC and a social media influencer. On a more personal level, she is a super mum and a gym devotee, and above all she is a Mancity die hard fan.

If I am to take a wild guess, I would say she is a very happy human being.

Talia has awed his fans after she shared her photo while at Etihad Stadium, home to Manchester City. She captioned her photo, Citteehhhhhh.” Welcoming Kamati ya Roho Chafu kwenye comments isokeeyyyy. Istanbul, here we come! Manchester City is blue.

From a stadium perspective the plans revealed show the club are looking to expand the upper tier of the North Stand to add a further 6,500 to the capacity; this would bring the Man City stadium up to around 60,000.

Outside the ground there are extensive works planned.The star attraction will be the addition of a covered fanzone that will be able to house 3,000 fans.

Beyond that the development will create a host of retail and wider commercial opportunities including office space, hotels and much more.

Her fans react:8ee4559e489743a0acca59ecce85cf15?quality=uhq&resize=72063898284d3d3400da270cdd9d7c8146d?quality=uhq&resize=720

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