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SULTANA: Major Jabali Finally Arrested and This Happened as He Was Being Arrested

Sultana is CITIZEN TV interesting drama series that started many months ago and since then it has been keeping viewers entertained because of how sweet it’s.

The drama series is coming to an end and it has now started showing signs of ending according to how the drama series reveals.

Major Jabali was arrested in today’s episode and will be taken to court as the court will find him guilty of killing Mzee Maneno and BI Zuu.

The poor man will be slapped 30 years jail term by the court. Major never believed that it will happen, he taught of bribing the judges but it was unfortunate for him.

As Sultana is coming to an end what are your thoughts towards the drama series, take this chance to describe the drama series and please don’t forget to follow up for more information.

Thanks for reading.

Source of Sultana Citizen tv Tuesday and Wednesday full episode part 1 and 2; embedded.

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