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Stormy seas: Banglamung battered, 30 homes left in ruins

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A fierce storm with towering waves wreaked havoc on the seafront of Banglamung on Tuesday, June 25, leaving over 30 homes in ruins. The next day, Mayor Jarewat Chinawat led a team of engineers to survey the catastrophic damage caused by severe seawater erosion.

Upon inspection, the team found varying levels of destruction. Some homes had their foundations severely eroded, causing them to tilt dangerously, collapsing walls, and sagging roofs. One particularly devastated house was reported to be 95% damaged, forcing its residents to relocate to stay with relatives. The storm also gouged deep indentations along the beach and exposed the roots of large trees.

Resident Naruemon Plianprasert recounted the harrowing night when fierce winds drove seawater up to the second step of her house. Though residents are accustomed to the monsoon season and have erected bamboo barriers to shield their homes, the ever-increasing ferocity of the waves has sparked fears of future devastation and the necessity of relocation.

Despite past pleas to the municipality, efforts to replace the sand lost to the sea have fallen short. Mayor Jarewat noted that last year, surveys were conducted to address coastal erosion, but proposals to build seawalls were met with resistance.

Residents feared such measures would harm local marine life and disrupt fishing activities, leading to the abandonment of these projects and leaving low-lying homes exposed to continuous erosion, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, Jomtien Municipality placed warning signs around Jomtien Beach, alerting tourists to a hazardous slope formed by erosion. The signs advise visitors to steer clear of the affected area for their safety.

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A significant portion of the beach, stretching approximately 1 kilometre, has experienced severe erosion due to monsoon waves and strong winds. This natural process has resulted in a steep slope, with heights ranging from 1.5 to 2 metres.

In other news, the Meteorological Department of Thailand issued a weather warning for 36 provinces, forecasting thunderstorms and heavy rainfall with Bangkok experiencing the heaviest rainfall, affecting 60% of the area.

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