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Serpent’s kiss: 4 metre python found in company bathroom

Image courtesy of KhaoSod

A large python measuring over 4 metres was discovered slithering into the roof of a bathroom at a staff residence of a prominent company. The snake had previously bitten an employee, requiring nearly 40 stitches. The python was found again yesterday, July 9 at 10am.

Rescue workers from Chachoengsao were alerted to the presence of a massive python inside the premises of a company in Bang Pakong district, Chachoengsao province. They immediately rushed to the scene equipped with the necessary tools to handle the situation.

The incident took place in the staff quarters near the bathroom, adjacent to the living area. The python had stealthily crawled from the roof and concealed itself beneath the ceiling of the living quarters. Both employees and rescue workers had to break through the ceiling to locate the snake.

The python, measuring about 4.5 metres, was eventually found and captured using a noose, an effort taking nearly 10 minutes. The rescue team then carefully pulled the snake down from the roof, placed it into a sack, and prepared to release it back into nature.

The employee who discovered the snake, 40 year old Chalermphon, recounted his previous encounter with the same python. Last year, he was bitten by the python after entering the bathroom without noticing the snake hiding on the bathroom beam.

The python suddenly struck, and Chalermphon instinctively used his left hand to ward off the attack, resulting in a bite that required 38 stitches. The snake managed to escape after the incident. Chalermphon revealed he had not seen the serpent again until today when he discovered it near the same spot, just before entering the bathroom, reported KhaoSod.

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“I hadn’t seen it since then until today. As I was about to enter the bathroom, I saw it slithering on the roof. I immediately called my colleagues and the rescue team for help.”

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