Samidoh’s Facebook Post That Has Left Many Talking

Samidoh's Facebook Post That Has Left Many Talking

Mugiithi musician Samidoh has gone ahead to state in his Facebook page that, Nobody beats a drum like a man who doesn’t own it ~ Mugithi Proverb.

This has really led to so many mixed reactions and questions from netizens. One netizen has alleged that, You didn’t own the drum, you thus beat it soo well that the drum will never let you go. End of quote!

And nobody dances very well to the drum beats like a woman who doesn’t own it. Most netizens have imagined that he was probably taking about Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu.

Another has said, learn to wait patiently. And karen is beating the drum loudly..infact she doesn’t beat the drum to entertain but to make sure it burst. Very true he will beat it till all the energy is gone, reason being he doesn’t mind about tomorrow. Then you shout on a microphone knowing very well that the speakers are not yours.


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