Samidoh Vows to Follow In the Footsteps Of His Fellow Mugithi Artist Who Is A Polygamist

Samidoh Vows to Follow In the Footsteps Of His Fellow Mugithi Artist Who Is A Polygamist

Mugithi artist who is also a police officer Samuel Muchoki Ndiragu alias Samidoh, has promised that he must live in a polygamous marriage.

He made these remarks during the dowry ceremony for his fellow Mugithi artist, Mwigai wa Njoroge’s second wife, Quen Stacey.


Mugithi Musician and police officer Samidoh. Photo/Courtesy

Samidoh, who has been married to Edday Nderitu for years and has a babymama, nominated senator Karen Nyamu, performed at the traditional wedding of Muigai and Quen Stacey.bb908c94cd4d4287a81b244c3b2e75e1?quality=uhq&resize=720

In the middle of his performance, the artist was given a chance to speak. He took the microphone and stated that there is no other way for him than to follow the example set by Mwigai wa Njoroge – the example of paying dowry for his two wives, Edday Nderitu and Karen Nyamu.

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“Indeed, these are the footsteps of Muigai because life is like this,” Samidoh said before handing over the microphone and leaving the stage with a wide smile on his face.

Despite openly declaring his intention to have a polygamous marriage, Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, wrote a lengthy messages few months ago stating that she would never stay in a marriage with more than one wife in order to raise her children.

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After moving to the United States, Nderitu recently spoke out, saying that she decided to take her children away from Samidoh to protect them from the psychological effects of the romantic conflict between their parents and Karen Nyamu, the babymama.e8103e62ac4a447d96ef29a47bc8b85e?quality=uhq&resize=720


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