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Samidoh Reply On Why His Children Are In USA And They Should Be In School After Being Asked By A Fan

Samidoh is a renown Kikuyu benga musician who has moved from grass to fame through hardwork and determination. Two week ago his wife Eddy Nderitu and their children left Kenya to USA where they are being hosted by Samidoh’s USA influencer Bernice Saroni.

Despite school reopening which started one week ago the family is yet to come back which has left Kenyans wondering if they study under 8.4.4 curriculum. Today after he posted on his Facebook page saying he was going to Namanga at night Kenyans decided to ask the question.

One of his followers asked if the children are done with school or they are not going back to school again since by now they should have come back already. This attracted Samidoh attention who decided to answer her rudely. He told her that the children are already working and they are on part-time jobs. Kenyans had already warned the follower about the comments saying she won’t like Samidoh’s reply.8b03b3db30684772b42527cde385e12c?quality=uhq&resize=720a3f9639dd1b64f2d893d57d17152aa0c?quality=uhq&resize=720

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