Sada Warns Bi Ua Against Interfering With JJ And Sultana’s Love

Sada Warns Bi Ua Against Interfering With JJ And Sultana's Love

Bi Ua is the biological mother of Sultana, but he raised JJ as her son. Sultana and JJ are in love, but Bi Ua is always against it because she believes they are siblings.

In today’s episode, Sultana will be looking for JJ but can’t find him. JJ left without informing her. Sultana finds Bi Ua and Sada and asks them if they have seen JJ, but they says no. Bi Ua tells Sultana to give JJ some space because he needs his time alone. Sultana tells her that she can’t because JJ is her husband and should solve everything.

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Sada tells Bi Ua it’s not necessary to involve in Sultana and JJ’s love because they are not kids. Sada tells her to let the young couple explore their emotions and will solve their problems. Sada warns Bi Ua not to interfere with JJ and Sultana’s love because she might regret it in the future.

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