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Rick Ross Praises Taylor Swift’s New Album, Says She “Writes Like A Boss”

Everybody is talking about Taylor Swift right now, even some unexpected people like Rick Ross. The pop star just released her new album The Tortured Poets Department after announcing it during the Grammys earlier this year. But in a move that surprised everyone, she released an entire second album just a few hours after the original dropped. In a tweet he made yesterday, Ross revealed that he isn’t just a fan of Swift, but a big enough fan to listen to the album right when it drops at midnight.

“Fresh out the slammer and Florida!!! Blasting on the Yacht at Midnight. Taylor writes like a Boss and her song titles are Gangsta” he said in a quote tweet of news about the album dominating the Hot 100 next week. Ross is yet to make a follow-up tweet about the surprise second album so it’s unclear if he’s heard it yet. In total Taylor shared 31 new songs which are likely to all hit the Hot 100 and take up much of the top half of the chart next week. Check out Ross’ tweet and the hilarious fan reactions to it below.

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Rick Ross Is Loving The New Taylor Swift Album

In the comments, fans react to the surprise revelation that Ross is a Swiftie. “The visual of this in my head is incredible” one fan jokes. “Ross being a Swift fan was not on my card” another agrees. Much of the news surrounding Ross recently has to do with Drake. The pair have been taking shots at each other including lyrics in Drake’s song “Push-Ups” which just finally hit streaming.

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Rick Ross fired back with a diss track of his own earlier this week. Drake reportedly turned the song off after Ross’ claimed to be richer than him. What do you think of Rick Ross being a Taylor Swift fan and shouting out her new album? Are you surprised he has love for the pop star’s music and thinks she writes “like a boss?” Let us know in the comment section below.

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