Reddit user’s dream job goes down the drain after office bathroom blunder

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A male Reddit user, sharing his misfortune anonymously, detailed his disastrous experience of losing a promising job opportunity due to an unfortunate bathroom blunder.

In a post on Monday, February 12, the original poster recounted the events that led to his downfall.


“I had pretty much gotten the job at a previous interview and I was just in to fill out onboarding paperwork.

“I was so stoked because the onboarding questions were about accommodations I’d like at this job.”

Unfortunately, his excitement soon turned to embarrassment when a simple trip to the unisex office bathroom led to a series of calamitous events.

The story began innocently enough, with the almost-employee enjoying some complimentary office coffee.

“All was going well but I was offered coffee earlier and of course, accepted it because I love free stuff.”

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However, the delicious brew quickly led to an urgent call of nature.

“This coffee was so good and I drank it down really fast. So of course coffee did what coffee does and before I knew it I had to use their bathroom.”

What followed was a sequence of unfortunate events, as the man, in his own words, experienced a lot of excess in his system that morning. Despite enjoying the lavish amenities of the office bathroom, he made a crucial oversight.

“I looked at the door as I heard the sound of a flush from the toilet as she tried to get rid of it so that she could go.. but I didn’t hear the bowl clear, I only heard the bowl fill up with water.”

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The discovery of his unflushed gift by a female colleague led to embarrassment and ultimately, the loss of his employment opportunity. Despite attempts to salvage the situation, including finishing his paperwork, the damage was done, reported UK Daily Mail.

In the aftermath, the Reddit user faced criticism and disbelief from fellow users, with some questioning the authenticity of his tale and others lambasting his forgetfulness.

While some sympathised with his plight, others were less forgiving, with one user even blaming the employer for not providing a plunger.

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