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Reactions After Photo Bahati Posted With A Beautiful Lady

Musician Bahati went ahead and posted a photo with a lovely lady. In regard to that, there were so many reactions from netizens. A fan went ahead to ask where Diana Bahati was.

This is because the netizens could not understand why Diana had not reacted towards the photo. However, chances are the two were shooting for a music video. That is why Diana did not have a problem since she knew it was for work.

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Another went ahead to state that, Keep up the good work! Very impressive! There is one who has said, I hope you’ve paid your vixen in full. This is after there was a vixen who was complaining that Bahati had not paid after she had offered her services. Good luck.

More to that, there is one who has asked, Has our Kenyan taste of music gone this bad? God have mercy on your children.

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