Pritty Vishy Makes Fun Of Stevo Simple Boy After His Wife Revealed That He’s Broke

Pritty Vishy Makes Fun Of Stevo Simple Boy After His Wife Revealed That He's Broke

: Simple Boy has admitted his wife’s claim to be true that they suffer a lot and most of the time they sleep without putting anything in their mouth despite the artist having a big name and management.33de73a2869f4d55baa369f0dfddfbf5?quality=uhq&resize=720In a conversation with Vincent Mboya, Stevo said that it is true that he and his wife Grace Atieno are forced to starve in what he said is that he has no alternative livelihood apart from his music.72ee3fe2fea24934974d9fb891a288ac?quality=uhq&resize=720On the weekend, his wife revealed in an interview that despite being a big name, the artist is still going through a very difficult life.33260c8efbe94641a4bc536768d25125?quality=uhq&resize=720In the interview, Stevo said that he needs help with food and gave his number to anyone who has the heart to help him to get rid of him.

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It was not clear whether the consequences could be related to the failure of the label or to the artist not investing properly the income he got from his art works.


Grace further disclosed that Stivo used to tell her that he was suffering before she moved in with him but she never took him seriously until she found out herself after they started living together.

Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy has garnered attention once again as she avidly follows the unfolding events in the life of her ex-boyfriend, Stevo Simple Boy.40d377d4502d4f19b9f1cd15538c5429?quality=uhq&resize=720This time, it was Stevo’s wife who openly discussed their financial struggles, prompting Pritty to offer her own commentary, as she often does.e39f5671af1c4d8cb7054745d89f5e07?quality=uhq&resize=720Using her Instagram stories as a platform, Pritty expressed her belief that infidelity is a universal trait among men. In a provocative statement, she declared,498d47cdaf98486ba995930ce658ced7?quality=uhq&resize=720“Just a reminder, go for looks; even the ugly ones cheat.” Such a sentiment is bound to draw condemnation, considering the criticisms she herself has faced regarding her appearance.

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Pritty has repeatedly faced shaming but has courageously confronted and fought back against the negative comments.

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