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Pritty Vishy Comments On Ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy’s Financial Struggles.

Pritty Vishy, a socialite from Kenya, has attracted attention once more as a result of her keen interest in the developments in the life of her ex-boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy.

This time, Stevo’s wife spoke candidly about their financial difficulties, causing Pritty to respond as usual with her own observations.

Pritty shared her opinion that adultery is a common habit among men on her Instagram stories. She said in a provocative way, “Just a reminder, go for looks; even the ugly ones cheat.” Given the comments she has experienced over her beauty, such a feeling is certain to be met with disapproval. Pritty has endured humiliation on numerous occasions, yet she has bravely battled the taunts and retaliated.d7e9f21e63b64e1988278d2fd6257fd0?quality=uhq&resize=720

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Their previous split up had its share of drama years ago. Stevo blamed Pritty’s rudeness and negative attitude for the breakdown of their relationship. 1b6a2d22254b47f2acd9c1f4d9f0a0fd?quality=uhq&resize=720

He candidly acknowledged his declining attraction to her in a 2022 interview with a local publication, highlighting her treachery and aggressive demeanor as key factors to their breakup. She no longer fits my style. She would respond negatively when I told her something. I was exhausted,” Stevo admitted openly.

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