Poultry peddler breaks world record, sells 48,083 chicken wings in 24 hours

Poultry peddler breaks world record, sells 48,083 chicken wings in 24 hours

Weitzel’s Wings of Laramie, Wyoming, sold 48,083 Buffalo wings in just 24 hours last weekend, setting a new world record for delectable little chicken limbs sold in a single day. 

The food truck vendor, more commonly known as Double Dubs, smashed the previous wings sales record of 40,210 held by Village Casino of New York to claim the top spot in the global pecking order. 


“I kind of tell everybody I always really wanted to set a world record even when I was younger. I just didn’t know what kind it would be,” chicken-wing food-truck owner Trent Weitzel told Fox News Digital. 

“We’re always trying to push the limit in chicken,” he also said. “I was shocked by how much we beat the world record.”

The record-setting poultry peddler hugged family, friends and co-workers to the strains of “We Are the Champions” by Queen upon reaching the summit of excellence in the hot-wing arts.

The chicken hawker added, “I knew the trucks could handle it. I just didn’t know if the people would show up.”

Double Dubs fans flocked to the effort by the thousands, even waiting for wings despite a downpour that threatened the effort to make history. 

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Weitzel placed four of his trucks outside Freedom’s Edge Brewing Co. in Cheyenne. 

Weitzel’s Wings of Laramie, Wyoming, sold 48,083 Buffalo wings in just 24 hours.
Weitzel Wings/Facebook

His fleet was staffed by a crew of about three dozen wingmen and women between cooks, servers and runners.

He estimates his team served more than 3,000 customers. 

The 48,000-plus wings represent more than three tons of chicken limbs, or about 6,400 pounds of poultry in total. 

The deep-fried wings had to be served across a single table to meet sales-record criteria. 

“Many kudos to the folks at Double Dubs on behalf of the entire Chicken Wing Nation for taking wings to the next level,” American “Wing King” Drew Cerza, founder of the National Buffalo Wing Festival, decreed from his throne in Buffalo, New York.

Weitzel slept for only 20 minutes across the 24-hour period, interrupting his brief rest to prepare a batch of 1,500 wings for the morning rush. 

“The crazy thing is that [my team] slept in their cars,” said Weitzel. 

Of his 12-year-old daughter, Kadyn, he said, “I looked over at one point and my daughter was curled up sleeping in a folding chair.”

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Weitzel's Wings sign
Weitzel’s Wings broke two world records following their big weekend.
Weitzel Wings/Facebook

Double Dubs topped another milestone along the way.

It sold 28,049 wings in just an 8-hour period at the height of the rush. The previous record was held by a vendor in China.

Double Dubs was included in a roundup of excellent chicken-wing makers in America last year by Fox News Digital.

It was honored as the nation’s best hot sauce at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in 2021 and took home overall festival-favorite accolades at the same event in 2022.

Weitzel's Wings' team
Weitzel’s Wings’ team estimates they served more than 3,000 customers. 
Weitzel Wings/Facebook

The latest feather in Weitzel’s cap, the wing sales record, was set on July 29, National Chicken Wing Day. 

“Wings have to be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside,” said Weitzel. 

“Not everybody can do that, but we’ve mastered it.”

He cooks his wings in canola oil, tosses them with his own house-made sauces and serves them with sides of blue cheese only (no ranch). 

“Over the years, wings went from a throwaway item to inspiring a new American culinary culture,” declared poultry pontiff Cerza. 

“It’s amazing to see the passion that chicken wings inspire across the country.”