Post Malone’s Journey to Self-Discovery: Overcoming the Past and Embracing a New Chapter

Post Malone's Journey to Self-Discovery: Overcoming the Past and Embracing a New Chapter

In a candid and revealing interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, multi-talented artist Post Malone opens up about his past drug and alcohol usage, sharing how it has impacted his life and music.

As the 28-year-old singer-rapper prepares to release his new album, “Austin,” he sets the record straight about his journey to self-discovery and the changes he’s made along the way.


Post Malone, known for his chart-topping hits like “White Iverson” and “Circles,” addressed the rumors surrounding his alleged drug use. “I mean, first off, I shouldn’t have to really justify anything to anyone, but I appreciate the concerns,” he began. “But then the rumor starts that I’m doing hard drugs, which I’ve never done in my entire life.”

However, the artist candidly admits to using psychedelic substances like shrooms in the past. He revealed that during the creation of his previous album, “Twelve Carat Toothache,” he experimented with shrooms, which, over time, had a noticeable impact on his short-term memory.

“Not as much as I used to. It’s really affected my short-term memory… Maybe it was just a stint of habitual overuse. Daily,” he acknowledged.62790f8f38cf410f9d495312ce93e010?quality=uhq&resize=720

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Post Malone emphasized that he now approaches psychedelics differently. Nowadays, he enjoys a small square of chocolate infused with shrooms while hanging out with close friends, leading to moments of genuine laughter and an improved perspective on life.

“Making the last record, I was so, so, so… Well, writing it, I was so, so sad. But now I’m so happy, and it’s definitely improved my viewpoint on life,” he shared.

The artist also discussed his relationship with alcohol, admitting that it has been a challenge for him. Post Malone explained that while recording, he finds it easier to express himself when he’s “a little f–ked up,” but he tries to limit his consumption to social and relaxed settings.

He credited his fiancée and his daughter for helping him stay grounded, providing stability and purpose in his life. Family moments, video games, and creative projects in his garage have become his preferred ways of spending time when he’s not working.7d0b3e2081ec4136aef2b6043f58b347?quality=uhq&resize=720

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Throughout the interview, Post Malone’s growth and self-awareness shone through. He acknowledged past mistakes and excessive behavior, admitting that there was a time when he would disappear for days due to his wild lifestyle. However, he has now found a healthier balance, focusing on personal growth and cherishing moments with loved ones.

As Post Malone prepares to release his latest album, “Austin,” it is evident that he is in a better place mentally and emotionally. The journey to self-discovery hasn’t been without its challenges, but the artist’s commitment to personal growth and improved well-being is an inspiring testament to the power of self-reflection and positive change.

Post Malone’s interview with Zane Lowe provides a glimpse into the artist’s evolving mindset and a promising new chapter in his life. Fans can look forward to “Austin,” an album that reflects a deeper understanding of self and a newfound appreciation for life’s simple joys.

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