“Please Be With Me For The Rest Of My Life” Weezdom Begs His Girlfriend, Mylie Stacey


What did you do when you realized that you have deeply wronged your loved one? Did you own up your mistakes, swallowed your pride and apologized to your lover or you stood your ground, knowing quite well that you are wrong but pride forced you not to apologize? Many are the people who never apologize to their lovers, filled with pride and egocentrism, they remain adamant that they are never wrong.

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But that it not what musician, Weezdom did. In a story published by Tuko news on Facebook, the singer had been featured in a dating show with his lover, Mylie Stacey. This came after they had encountered some challenges in their relationship and they were sorting out the differences. But days later, the musician is seen in a video kneeling in one knee, crying Bitterly an begging Mylie not to leave him. Apparently, he had wronged her and he owned up his mistakes, promising never to repeat them again.

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