Pharmacist dies after falling from MRT Tha Phra station

Photo of Nattapong Westwood

Picture courtesy of Thairath

A pharmacist tragically lost his life after falling from the third floor of the Tha Phra MRT station today at approximately 10.57am. The incident, which left witnesses in extreme shock, unfolded when a 62 year old pharmacist and manager of a medical supply company, was seen plummeting to his death right before their eyes.

At the scene under the MRT station, on the footpath’s side, lay Kasem’s body, turned over and drowning in a pool of blood with severe head injuries. Despite the emergency medical team’s efforts to resuscitate him, he was declared deceased shortly after.


Among his belongings found scattered near the scene were 1,660 baht (US$46) in cash, US$57 in cash, an iPhone, credit cards, ATM cards, business cards, and a pair of glasses inside a white fabric bag belonging to the deceased.

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A witness to the horrifying event recounted seeing Kasem fall from above directly in front of them, prompting an immediate call to the ambulance. The witness was left highly distressed upon seeing Kasem’s motionless body, suggesting he may have fallen from the station’s third floor, reported KhaoSod.

Investigations led by the police, aided by CCTV footage from the MRT Tha Phra station, revealed that Kasem had alighted from the train at around 10.50 am. Just two minutes later, he was seen descending to the third floor of the station.

He then climbed over the barrier and leapt to the lower level, onto the parking lot area below the station. The CCTV clip confirmed that Kasem had jumped on his own accord and that there were no other individuals present at the scene during the incident.

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According to the station chief, initial inquiries with Kasem’s brother revealed that the pharmacist was dealing with health issues and was under considerable stress due to his wife undergoing surgery.

These factors are believed to have contributed to his tragic decision. As per protocol, Kasem’s body has now been sent to Siriraj Hospital‘s forensic department for further examination to determine the exact cause of death before being released to his family for religious rites.

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