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Pattaya thief arrested, partner shows up wearing stolen jewellery

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Pattaya police successfully apprehended a seasoned thief involved in stealing from a dental clinic and confiscated stolen goods worth over 100,000 baht. During questioning, the thief’s partner arrived, wearing jewellery from another theft case, resulting in her arrest.

Police officers and an investigative team from Pattaya City Police Station today, June 26, apprehended 35 year old Sumpan under an arrest warrant issued by Pattaya Provincial Court on June 7 for theft in a residential area.

At around 3am on May 15, an unidentified male suspect broke into a dental clinic in Pattaya, Chon Buri Province, and stole various items, including 150,000 baht in cash, two mobile phones, an iPad, a gold bracelet, and several amulets. The suspect managed to flee the scene.

Further investigation and CCTV footage identified Sumpan as the suspect. Known for his extensive criminal history, he committed multiple thefts in various locations. He typically disguised himself in a motorcycle taxi driver’s uniform and relocated frequently, renting daily rooms to avoid capture. Based on the collected evidence, an arrest warrant was issued.

The investigative team tracked Sumpan to a room in Pattaya where they apprehended the thief and seized several stolen items. Despite Sumpan denying all charges, CCTV footage provided undeniable evidence of his involvement.

While Sumpan was being questioned, his partner arrived to see him at the police station, wearing numerous pieces of jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, a watch, and several rings, which were stolen goods from another case theft case.

Police later asked the jewellery theft victim to identify the stolen items. The victim confirmed that Sumpan had stolen the jewellery from their room on June 21. As a result, Sumpan’s partner was also detained and charged.

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Sumpan’s criminal background includes previous arrests for theft and drug-related offences. He was recently released from prison in 2022 but remained jobless and without a stable occupation. Money obtained from his crimes was often squandered on online gambling, prompting him to commit more thefts to fund his addiction, reported KhaoSod.

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